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At Banshee Cloud, your privacy is very important to us. In fact, we have sworn to an Oath of Privacy.

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If you feel that someone has entered you into one or more of our contests without your consent, we certainly want to unsubscribe you immediately! Or if you still wish to participate in our contests, but do not wish to receive any other mailings, please let us know too.

Do note that most of our contests use email to notify you if you have won. While some may give you the option to be contacted by phone, please check the contest rules at http://contests.bansheecloud.us to confirm that you will still be notified if you have won. Otherwise, you may forfeit your prize(s) if you cannot be notified.

Regardless, once you fill out this form, we will send you a final confirmation email, indicating that you have been unsubscribed. You will not need to do anything else...we will immediately take you off our mailing lists as you request on this form. If you wish to notified that you have won any contests by email, reply to the unsubscribe confirmation specifically telling us to let you know by email if you have won. You will still be taken off our mailing lists, but we will send you a single email if you are a winner.

You will only need to provide your email address and submit this form in order to unsubscribe from all of our contest mailing lists.

However, if someone used your email address to enter without your consent, we strongly suggest that you check off the box indicating that you wish to help us trace the spammers. Our technical support team may contact you to collect information about the incident, but you will remain off any of our mailing lists.

Thank you for helping us protect your privacy and helping us fight the modern day scourge of unsolicited email!

The Banshee Cloud Team


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